Taxes Due at Midnight

EUGENE, Ore. — Taxes are due at midnight Monday; experts advise taxpayers to either pay on time or file an extension.

The IRS says 97 million American taxpayers have already submitted their tax forms by the first of April, about 90 percent were done electronically.

Specialists say that more people are filing through online services, but they warn that electronic filing may not be as thorough as getting help from a real person.

“You know different¬†software¬†such as Turbo Tax and stuff like that people just don’t know what the results should be. And so they kind of wade through and frequently they don’t know if no means yes or if yes means yes,” said Tome Ames, owner of Liberty Income Tax.

Experts say it’s also helpful to see a specialist because there are new laws people may not know about, which could give boast a bigger refund.

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