Taylor, Valle Will Face Off in November

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — Another council seat’s future is up in the air.

Betty Taylor didn’t win Ward 2 outright Tuesday night.

She snagged 48 percent of the vote, and Juan Carlos Valle got 42 percent.

That means they’ll face off in November.

But what about the third man in the race — Jim Ray?

The 10 percent Ray got will likely determine the winner come November.

Ray says he would like to see Valle win.

“I think city council needs a new change, and I think for Eugene he’s a rising star in the political world. I think he’ll do real well in city council and bring some new perspective,” Ray said.

While Ray says he took the time to get to know both candidates.

Valle’s sincerity and fresh outlook won him over.

Ray says the race was a difficult one.

He says he was often overlooked and wasn’t invited to some forums. He thinks that cost him some votes.

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