Teachers Call iPad Program a Success

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Students in Corvallis are turning in their iPads, and teachers say the first year of the program has been a success.

All students at Cheldelin, Linus Pauling, and Mountain View were all issued iPads this year.

Teachers say it gives kids a hands-on opportunity to learn how to use the technology, especially for kids who don’t have access at home. And, they can do in-class warm-up exercises and get instant feedback on how students are doing.

“I can see which problems students are missing that we can go over as a class,” said math teacher Elise Hughes.

“It’s easier for me because it’s all digital copies and I don’t have to go make any copies,” said P.E. and health teacher Jon Strowbridge.

The iPads are part of the district’s 1:World program. The goal is to eventually¬†distribute iPads to all kids at all schools.

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