Team in Eugene During Hurricane Warning

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EUGENE, Ore. — People in Hawaii are bracing for a hurricane. It’s is expected to make landfall Thursday night. While many people around the country are worried about travel plans, a Hawaiian baseball team, visiting Eugene, has their heads in the game.

The team is competing in the Northwest Regional Tournament at North Eugene’s Swede Johnson Stadium. The Waipahu team is from Oahu, not the island of Hawaii, where the storm is supposed to make its greatest impact.

The coach says if any of his players ask about what’s going on back at home, he says his plan is to reassure them that the state is well-prepared.

“When you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you have to prepare for hurricane,” said Kerry Kiyabu, the team’s coach and manager. “They’ve been doing that for the past 20 some-odd years, so I think they are ready if they should hit.”

The team says they aren’t worried about getting home safely when they head back to Hawaii on August 12.


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