Teen Pleads Guilty to Deadly Crash

EUGENE, Ore. — A teen accused of causing a deadly crash pleaded guilty Thursday to┬ásecond degree manslaughter.

Emanuel Gutierrez, 16, was charged as an adult and will spend a little more than six years in prison. His manslaughter trial was set for Friday, but instead he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Toni Bryson and Richard Taylor both died in the March 7 crash. Gutierrez was trying to elude police when the crash happened. The defense told the court he didn’t stop because he was worried about his U.S. citizenship.

KEZI talked to Taylor’s brother by phone and he actually had compassion for Gutierrez.

“To see his mom and dad and see how much it hurts everybody our family too I just can’t see any good coming out of it putting him away,” said Daryl Taylor.

“Based on his behavior, and this was simply the best way I believe given what we had to ensure that justice was done, that there was accountability, and the families would be able to feel some measure of closure,” said Dave Hopkins, Lane County Deputy District Attorney.

Gutierrez also pleaded guilty to two counts of assault in the third degree because officers were hurt in the chase. He will likely face deportation back to Mexico after he completes his sentence.

Gutierrez was a Churchill High School student. At the time of the crash, his classmates told KEZI he was a good kid.

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