Teen Reports Sexual Abuse Outside Autzen

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EUGENE, Ore. — A local high school student says she was sexually assaulted outside Autzen Stadium during Saturday’s football game. University police are looking for the suspect who got away.

Campus police officers say the incident happened around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, about an hour into the Duck game. They say a man wearing University of Oregon apparel approached the young woman in the southeast parking lot of Autzen Stadium and sexually abused her.

The local high school student reported she was walking alone on the gravel lot when a man called out to her in a friendly manner. She says he forced her to walk to a secluded area between two parked vehicles and then abused her.

Officers say they are relying on help from the public to find the suspect.

“It can be difficult in situations where people look very similar, especially where they are dressed very similarly, and it’s dark on top of that, but it’s certainly not impossible, and that’s why it’s very important for people to come forward in these situations,” said Kelly McIver, University of Oregon Department of Public Safety spokesperson.

The suspect is described as a thin, white man, about 5’7” tall, 35-40 years old, with black and grey hair.

Campus police notified UO students and faculty Monday about the incident via e-mail, but if you aren’t associated with the university and still want updates on crime on campus property, you can follow the University of Oregon Department of Public Safety on their Twitter page or on their website.

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