Teen Reunited With Stolen Trike

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ALBANY, Ore. — A special needs teen was reunited with her beloved tricycle thanks to a good Samaritan and the efforts of the Albany Police Department. Lexi Olivos-Stansberry was all smiles while riding her tricycle.

“Thank you. It makes me happy when I ride my bike around the apartment,” she said.

But on March 1, Lexi’s smile was turned upside down.

A heartless thief cut the lock off Lexi’s trike and stole it from her apartment in Albany.

“I was mad that they took it,” she said.

Her younger sister Jordan said her mother was heartbroken and called police. On Wednesday, they got some good news. Albany police say someone had purchased the trike and thought it looked a lot like Lexi’s, so he called police. Turns out, he was right. The serial numbers matched.

Lexi says she is so happy to have her bike back. She doesn’t lock it up where she used to anymore. When asked where it is now, she kept her lips sealed. She did however have quite a mouthful to say to the thief.

“I would say that I missed my bike and I love it. It wasn’t that nice to steal my bike,” she said.

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