Teens Recovering from Pedestrian Crash

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EUGENE, Ore. — Two teenagers are recovering from serious injuries after a driver hit them, while they were crossing a street, Thursday.

Around 10 p.m. a driver traveling home from work struck two teens near River Road. Even though both teens remain in the hospital, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office is calling it a tragic accident and no one is facing criminal charges.

Traffic was moving at a normal pace on Wilkes Drive Monday, but that wasn’t the case Thursday night after a car struck two pedestrians.

“What happened last week is a tragedy and our hearts go out to their families,” said Sgt. Carrie Carver, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

The two teenagers both remain in the hospital, one regained consciousness for the first time since the crash Monday afternoon.

Even though the teens were both seriously injured, the sheriff’s office says charges will not be filed against the driver who hit them. The investigation shows neither speed nor alcohol contributed to the crash.

“Why does something like this occur? That helps us give tips to prevent those things in the future,” Sgt. Carver said.

The sheriff’s office is offering some tips to help both drivers and pedestrians stay safe out on the roads.

“Wear brightly colored clothing, a lot of reflective clothing out there people can use that as well,” Sgt. Carver said. “Carry a flashlight. If you’re able to utilize crosswalks, walk in well-lit areas.”

LCSO also recommends drivers keep an extra eye out for people out and about during the warm weather.

“When you’re turning corners slow down a little more, give extra time especially around crosswalks and avoid things like that,” Sgt. Carver said.

While offering these tips and encouraging safety, it says some unfortunate accidents are hard to avoid.

“Now certainly there are things you can’t avoid like walking in residential areas. If you’re walking to your home you’re probably going to have to walk through an area that might not be well lit,” Sgt. Carver said.

The family of one of the kids struck by the car say the intersection isn’t lit well and is dangerous.
The Lane County Sheriff’s Office looked through crash records on that road for the past 6 months and say this is the only recent crash in the area.

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