Test Scores Improve but More Work Needed

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EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon students topped last year’s scores on college entrance exams but educators say there’s more work to be done.

Makers of the ACT test released a report showing the results.

The Department of Education said there were more students who took the exam and more than 30 percent of those students met College and Career Preparedness Benchmarks.

Crystal Greene with the Department of Education said Oregon’s overall score is above the national average but educators are still concerned with a big achievement gap.

They say scores between different demographics are evident, especially when it comes to race.

“That is something we need to be looking at as a state as we strive to get all of our students regardless of race, regardless of income, regardless of the language that they speak in order to be able to graduate with a high level of skill and ready for college and career,” said Greene.

Green said schools across the state are working hard to provide a quality and rigorous education.

She also said the state is tackling the issue but it’s something that will improve with time and one focus is going to be getting all kids to read at a high level early on.

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