Testimonies Continue at Gillette Trial

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EUGENE, Ore. — Thursday was day two of the double-murder trial of Johan Gillette, the Eugene man accused of killing his dad and his dad’s girlfriend.

The testimony focused on what happened when the bodies of James Gillette and former UO professor Anne McLucas were found.

The three men who found James Gillette and Anne McLucas took the stand. They told their versions of what led up to them entering the house and what unfolded once they discovered Anne and James.

Investigators say Johan Gillette killed his father and McLucas, then tried to cover up the crime scene.

The defense is claiming self-defense.

Monty Smith, who lived on the property and began testimony Wednesday claimed he and friend 56-year-old Kurtis Gray were running errands and got a call from James around 2 p.m. that afternoon but missed it.

Both Smith and Gray testified they tried to call James back, but there was no answer. They noted this was unusual for James Gillette to not answer his phone, so they went to his house that night, along with another friend George MacKenzie. MacKenzie says he went up to Johan’s house to tell him what happened, claims it took an unusually long amount of time for Johan to come to the door. He says he heard water running and there wasn’t much of a response from Johan.

Two Lane County sheriff’s deputies also testified on what they found when they got to the scene, which included a number of handguns, two shot guns and a rifle.

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