Testimony Continues in Newborn Murder Case

January 24, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — Family and friends took the stand for day two in the murder trial of a woman accused of killing her newborn.

Angelica Swartout is accused of smothering her baby Lucias and dumping him in a dumpster outside a Springfield motel.

Swartout’s adopted sisters and a number of her best friends took the stand Tuesday.

A co-worker of Swartout’s who worked with her at the Crossland Motel in Springfield the night of the alleged crime testified to what she found in the employee bathroom.

“I went to the bathroom I sat down and there were two garbage cans with plastic bags they had blood on them. I came out and asked her about it. She said she had a miscarriage that’s what it was from,” said Shirley Hogen.

During cross examination, that co-worker testified that she never knew Swartout was pregnant.

All of those who testified said they hadn’t ever gone to the doctor with Swartout, nor did anyone see an ultrasound picture of the baby.

Many of Swartout’s friends testified that Swartout sent them a picture of her baby after she said it was born looking blue

The prosecution says it will prove that picture was not Lucias and that it was a picture downloaded off the internet.

Swartout’s adoptive mother Ruthannne also took the stand and talked about Angelica’s alleged pregnant state.

“The only question in my mind moving forward was when the press brought things up then I thought was I blind and ignorant, but Angie’s a great higher and even from that I would say he is pregnant,” said Ruthanne Staley.

“She had the baby bump you know that was what I touched, it was clearly to me a pregnancy not like I said just somebody who was putting on weight,” said Angela’s friend Timothy Reed.

An employee from Planned Parenthood also testified that Swartout tested negative on a pregnancy test there in March of 2010 when she was supposed to be about three months along.

Wednesday morning, jurors will tour the reception and bathroom area at the Springfield motel.

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