Textile Artists Showcase Creations

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EUGENE, Ore. — Textile artist Janet Hiller can spend hours at her board cutting straight lines and whimsical ones.

Hiller comes from a family of sewers. She sewed clothes originally and then crossed into textile art about 25 years ago when she saw what Japanese quilters were creating.

“They were very kind of edgy and off center and I liked that,” Hiller said.

Her art, like a canvas, starts off white. She creates the fabric. Every piece is hand dyed using different techniques like silk screening and tie dying to create patterns and textures.

“A lot of it is just happenstance, which is part of why I like the dying process,” Hiller said.

Once she has the fabric, Hiller creates her master pieces which have been featured in galleries in the U.S., France and Japan.

Looking closely at the finished product, you can see the tiny pieces, the sequins and stitching. Every piece you see is first cut, and then Hiller takes her initial design and builds on a wall.

The pieces are sewn together fast, but sometimes there are thousands of pieces. From the sewing to quilting, it can take hours. Music keeps her company.

“I spend so many hours right on top of the piece that I forget what it looks like as a large whole,” Hiller said.

Hiller is one of five artists showing her work at Maude Kerns’ new exhibit, “Curious Temptations.”

“I think you will see with the five women in the show how individual a voice you can get in this medium,” Hiller said. “We all work with the same basic element, but I think you will see such incredible different voices here.”

And as artists, they just wanted their voices to be heard and seen.

The opening reception is Friday night at Maude Kerns Art Center, located at 1910 East 15th Avenue in Eugene, from 6 to 8 p.m. The exhibit itself lasts through Feb. 8.

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