The Cost of Heating Your Home

EUGENE, Ore. — This cold weather stretch is also costing us money.

The Emerald People’s Utility District says for a 1,600 square foot home with a heat pump, it will cost you 63 cents an hour to maintain your home at 65 degrees when it’s 28 degrees outside.

When it’s 34 degrees outside, that drops to 53 cents an hour. When it heats up to 45 degrees, it’s much more efficient; it’s just 15 cents to heat your home per hour.

Lane Electric Cooperative also has some other tips for cutting down on electric costs.

“Drafts, holes, air leakage need to be minimized. Cold air coming in means warm air going out. You pay for the warm air and it’s going outside. You gotta replace that warm air with energy expended and dollars spent,” said Dave D’Avanzo, Manager of Member & Regional Affairs.

To save more money, you can wear layers inside instead of relying on the heater.

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