The Flame of Hope Torch Passes Through Eugene and Springfield

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene and Springfield police officers teamed up Wednesday for a special cause.

Joined by a few U.S. Marshals, the officers ran alongside some Special Olympics athletes, bearing the Flame of Hope torch.

The torch is part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run, an effort throughout Oregon to raise awareness and funds for the Special Olympics.

Both athletes and officers said it was a wonderful experience running together.

“It felt like I was one of the police officers,” said Special Olympics’ athlete Hannah Krush.

“For people with disabilities, it’s an honor to be out here,” said Jeremy Prouty, a Special Olympics athlete.

“The Special Olympics athletes are an inspiration for law enforcement,” said Sgt. John Umefhofer, of the Springfield Police Department.

After a stop at the Valley River Center Mall, the torch continued onto Junction City.

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