The Heat Is Back!

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Daily Forecast Discussion:  

Summer weather fans better get ready for another shot of heat this week as a strong ridge of high pressure will push highs into the 80s and maybe low 90s! Tonight will be superb with evening temps in the 60s and clear overnight with lows falling into the mid 40s. Tuesday will start off with plenty of sunshine and then watch the mercury climb!

Summertime weather is back for the next couple of days as high pressure grabs hold of the entire Pacific Northwest, pushing highs back into the 80s for most inland valley spots.  Parts of the Umpqua may see highs topping in the low 90s by Wednesday and Thursday! Mountain temperatures will climb into the low 70s and the coast, with a strengthening off-shore wind, will push well into the 70s for the next two days. Sunny skies with maybe no more than some small cumulus build up in the Cascades.

Later in the week, the marine air will cool the coast back into the 60s by Thursday and Friday. Friday will also be the transition day for everyone as highs will fall back into the 70s. Heading into the weekend, the storms return with showers Saturday evening and on and off all day Sunday. As you might guess, the cool ocean air also will also be back, chopping highs back into the low 60s! Even the mountains will go from 70s and sunny to a wintry mix on Sunday with snow levels falling to 5500 feet.

Have a great Thursday night!

– Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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