The Phil Knight Effect: Part 5

March 4, 2011

By Dan Corcoran

EUGENE, Ore. — In what seems like warp speed, the profile of the University of Oregon athletic program has risen to a national level.

And it’s no wonder.

Phil Knight is the mastermind behind the most successful sportswear corporation in the world.

The Nike co-founder also happens to be a huge Duck fan.

KEZI reached out to Knight and his staff at Nike on more than one occasion to invite him to speak to us about his role in the growth of Oregon athletics for this series. Knight declined that invitation.

Knight’s relationship with the university is still very strong.

Right now he’s in the midst of several big money projects on campus, including a complete overhaul of the Len Casanova Athletic Center, which Knight and his wife Penny will finance 100 percent on their own.

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