The RV Corral Sells 10,000th RV

May 19, 2012

By Chris Curtis

EUGENE, Ore. — It is an industry on the rise.

The RV Corral in Eugene is seeing customers return by the numbers.

The industry was hit hard by the economy in 2008, but owners say this time around it is not just retired folks buying RVs.

“We have seen a lot more immediate families coming in. Trailer sales have been amazing. We have never sold as many trailers in the last couple of years, and most of those sales are younger families,” said Co-Owner Rick Neet.

Ray Fair has already purchased three RVs in the past.

He says purchasing an RV is all about comfort.

“It’s comfortable. If you have ever done any camping in a tent, well, you know it is not comfortable. I am getting too old, so I like my comfort,” Fair said.

The RV Corral also hit a major milestone this month.

“A nice couple from bend bought a little Class C and it was unit number 10,000. It took us about 25 years to get there, but yeah it was a big deal,” said Co-Owner Jerry McCall.

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