The Soccer Mom Club

Welcome to the soccer mom cl4-24 soccerub.  So many amazing parents belong to this exclusive group and I’m thrilled to finally join it.

For years I would drive past schools in the evenings and weekends to see kids playing soccer and other sports.  It always grabbed my attention — especially since we moved to Eugene.  From our home I could faintly hear parents rooting on their children and it never failed to stir my childhood memories.  I only played soccer for one season as a kid, but I remember it well.  Our team was called the Dynamites and we were fierce. I recall grazing on orange slices, running drills and dribbling the ball super fast, but that was years ago.  It’s 2014 and I’m back on the field, only this time I’m on the sidelines.

What’s great about being a soccer mom is that you get to see your child in action.  I feel like I’m a mama bird and my son, along with all these other great 3 and 4-year-olds, are putting out their wings and soaring.  On the field, Douglas is independent. I’m not at his side. I’m not holding his hand.  I’m not telling him what to do.  I just sit back and watch.  I see him meet new kids and mingle.  He attentively listens to the coach and then executes drills to the best of his ability.  By the way,  the kid who’s jumping over the orange cone as directed  and then breaking into a zombie walk is mine.  I refrain from shouting, “Douglas, pay attention.  Listen to your coach!”  This is his game, not mine.

We are soccer moms.

Our job is to cheer on our kids and let them experience life: the bumps, the bruises, the wins and the losses.

For one hour a week I get the privilege of watching my son play soccer. I can’t wait until swimming and t-ball practice.  Maybe Douglas will try music.  One thing is for certain, I’ll be there on the sidelines.






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