The Stories of Relay for Life

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EUGENE, Ore. — Sandee Loewy is now nearly a 20-year survivor of thyroid cancer.

“I was told that I would only have 10 years to live and go do whatever, but I am here now 15 to 18 years later and I am just fine. Cancer free,” said Loewy.

Relay for Life holds a special place in many people’s hearts, including the volunteers.

“It is just really neat. I lost my dad to cancer three years ago, so to see all the survivors and hoping he was a part of this gives me the chills,” said Derek Zinser.

For many, this is a life changing event. It is a time to remember those that lost the battle, those who conquered it, and a chance to stand next to those who continue to fight.

Loewy’s advice is simple.┬áJust keep looking up! Keep looking up! It is not always as it seems,” said Loewy.

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