The Sustainable Table: Caffe Pacori

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EUGENE, Ore. — Pop in a local restaurant that boasts local ingredients and chances are at least one of its drinks is also local.

Caffe Pacori is showing up in more eateries and coffee stands.

We took a trip out to the company’s west Eugene roasting facility, where the bags come from all over the world. They come from places like Indonesia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Colombia.

“I actually buy futures contracts to make sure we get consistent coffee every year–same grade, same quality–and that we always have coffee in stock,” said Holly Monnette, Caffe Pacori Owner. “We roast them between medium and dark, either in our gas roaster or in the wood-fed wood roaster.”

Monnette says the wood roaster is what makes Pacori unique, different and sustainable.

“We’re not using fossil fuels. It’s definitely a sustainable source,” she said.

The logs come from a family-owned timber company in Eugene and have another bonus beyond sustainablility.

“It makes it so much sweeter and I think the effect that most people enjoy is it actually has a smoky finish. It’s very low in acid, so it appeals to a lot of people for that reason,” Monnette said.

“Customers love it,” said Sheree Walters, Cornbread Cafe Owner.

That’s why Cornbread Cafe’s carried Pacori’s Sumatra blend since it opened.

“We like to go with the real small guys, local and organic and it’s got to be good, of course. That’s why we chose it,” Walters said.

“Being a part of the community by doing business with someone in the community, it makes it so much more intimate and fun. It’s been a great way to earn a living,” Monnette said.

Monnette says even though the beans aren’t from around here, this is where profits stay, creating a business and fostering community.

“We really need to keep the business here, helping our neighbors,” Monnette said.

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