UOPD Considers Arming its Officers

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon held its first public hearing as it considers arming its police officers. About 50 people filed into the meeting including students, attorneys and officers.

UO Public Safety Division became an official police department in October. Part of that transition includes giving guns to officers. The university says arming the officers would allow the department to expand its presence, make traffic stops and take people to jail.

Some students argue it’s just not necessary.

“At the end of the day I feel that this is an issue that they’re taking a little bit lightly,” said student Dave Drake. “They’re acting like this is going to be no big deal, no big serious change.”

“We serve the campus. We are the campus police agency, and we want to reflect they’re needs,” said UOPD Spokesperson Kelly McIver. “But also in the same time, making sure that we’re following the best professional practices and keeping our officers safe.”

The UOPD says its officers are the only ones in the PAC-12 who don’t carry guns.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 26 from 4:30-6 p.m. at the EMU Fir Room.


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  1. jason marks says:

    carry guns already. never mind what some “lower education” thinking students “feel” about it. It doesn’t matter what the students think, well all know UOPD will carry guns and absolutely should.

    Those that say L.E. shouldn’t carry guns are hopelessly ignorant.

    UOPD is a change that is needed and has been in the works for quite some time. The great thing about a 4 year university is that we have a chance to get rid of ignorant students every 4 years and get a fresh batch of ignorant thinkers.

  2. Postone says:

    I’m originally from California and to the best of my knowledge all junior colleges,and Universities and state colleges in the state of California all have their own police and they have full police powers, matter of fact there is no difference between the city police, Sheriff’s deputies or the California Highway Patrol. They all have to pass P.O.S.T (Peace Officer Standards And Training) to be State sanctioned. Once they pass this training they are illegible to become full police officers.

    I don’t understand what all the Who-ha is about, it would benefit the students and the public alike to have more police officers, period! That would certainly free up the city police, and the sheriffs office.

    Having a college police force is a good thing. For one thing these officers get to know who the trouble makers are and for the most part who belongs on campus and who doesn’t. They would also know the quickest way to a certain area of the college in case of trouble or an emergency where the regular city police or Sheriff’s deputies would be at a loss in that area!

    I believe it’s a win-win for all….

  3. ex-Marine Sgt. says:

    As a former Marine Sergeant who served in Vietnam, I’ve seen what gun violence will do. I also lived and worked in England for several years…where the policemen do -not- carry guns and do not need to carry guns.

    Putting more guns in more hands, even those of trained police officers is a really bad idea. Using guns to combat the fear of guns. How many news stories have we seen of citizens being shot to death while pulling out their wallets and id? Who will be the first student to be shot to death on the UofO campus by an overexcited campus cop as (s)he reaches for her/his wallet? Would you like it to be you…or someone you know and love?

    Give guns to campus cops and someone *will** get shot.

  4. Michael LB says:

    What is the point of having a police force without guns? What happens if we are attacked by some right wing fanatic with an assault rifle? What about disgruntled workers or students? We need to have someone to protect us in case of an emergency.

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