The Whit: Tracing Its Roots

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By Sean Schoppe

EUGENE, Ore. — This week we’re taking a moment to dig into one of the more infamous neighborhoods in Eugene. The Whiteaker isn’t like any other in Oregon, and how it’s looked the past 25 years has nothing to do with how it got started.


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  1. Helen Nahoopii says:

    The Hayward Historic District is hosting a neighborhood block party this weekend and would love to share some of the historic locations in our neighborhood.

    From the Maude Kerns Art Center, to the Hendricks Park area and every thing in between, we have the Fairmount Neighborhood Association who could tell you more about the historic homes and business community that makes it a best kept secret.

    Please contact us at 541-844-2351 for more information. Thanks! Helen

  2. Don K says:

    Yes J, the KKK was active in the 1920s in Lane county. But to use today’s terms ,they were equal opportunity haters. They were very diverse in their hate. Their main focus in Oregon was against the catholic’s. Blacks and Whites both were strungup by the KKK. And the Whit is so cool, it even has it’s own EPD outpost. I also believe the Whit is where Roger Magana and Juan Lara did some of their finest work.

  3. Whitehawk says:

    You forgot to mention the prostitution that takes place there also.That neighborhood started going bad in the mid 70’s.Its become a eye sore for Eugene and has a bad rep. I guess those who inhabit it now, keep attracting more and more like em to that area..Cuz it sure doesn’t seem to want to clean up any..That neighborhood is disturbing to say the least,,and definitely not a safe place to be after dark

  4. Taleigh says:

    Wow! As somebody who has lived in Whiteaker for 30 years, I can’t believe we are talking about the same place. From the stories I have heard the crime rate in Whiteaker is nothing like it was post WW2. Back then there was a killing about every week, You couldn’t even hang laundry out because it would be stolen, And in the era of the 50’s we had street gangs. Give me the Hippy era anyday. You can find just as many prostitutes working Franklin or Coberg,

    I am so tired of people putting this area down. Most of the people who live on my street have lived here for 15 years or more. Most of my neighbors have remodeled or updated their houses so they don’t have to move away. Most of the houses in my area come available when someone passes away, and sell in a very short time even during the recent recession. My Husband worked in this neighborhood for 32 years, I know a handful of people who work for Ninkasi. In fact I can’t come up with a neighbor off the top of my head who is unemployed and not retired.
    The average education is college, I know at least 5 people who work for the U of O.

    So stop spreading the urban legends of Whiteaker. I have walked Blair and never once been harrased, parked my car and never had it keyed. I have been in the middle of the various groups that have” taken over” in the years I have lived here and never once got treated with anything but respect. But then again people who live here know who lives here, and who dosen’t, and in Whiteaker we tend to nice to our neighbors.

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