Third Case of West Nile Virus in Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County Public Health officials confirmed the third case of West Nile Virus infection in the state.

A Lane County resident contracted the virus during a trip to Idaho, health officials said.

Although the risk of getting West Nile Virus is low, people are encouraged to protect themselves against mosquito bites, Oregon State Public Health veterinarian Dr. Emilio DeBess said.

“We’re urging people make sure they wear their mosquito repellent, also eliminate any kind of standing water. we’ve had a lot of rain recently, so there are mud puddles. That’s where mosquitos breed. That’s where their eggs hatch,” said Jason Davis, Health & Human Services Spokesman.

Health leaders say while the risk of infection is highest in the warmer months. Lane County’s mild climate means mosquitoes could be in the area year-round.

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