Third Driest Winter in Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. — Spring may have started out with a bang in western Oregon, but the wind, rain and snow that we’re used to seeing was not a frequent sight this past winter. In fact, Wednesday’s storm brought in more rain than any other this year.

The numbers are in, and this winter is going down in the record books as the third driest winter ever recorded in Eugene, and those records go back to 1890!

Over the past three months we’ve seen just 6.03 inches of rain, typically we see three times that amount during winter.

Such a contrast to last year when we saw catastrophic flooding across western Oregon. So much rain President Obama declared several counties disaster areas after flooding caused millions of dollars in damage.

The total last year was 22 inches, which is actually closer to normal than the six we saw this year.

So we’re significantly short on rainfall as we head into the spring season, but the reality is, what is normal is actually an abundance and the water supply should still be sufficient.

The Army Corps of Engineers says that although we’re behind, assuming we have a normal spring, we should have plenty of water for our wildlife, local farmers and summer recreation.


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