Thousands Run From Butte to Butte

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EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of people ran from Spencer Butte to Skinner Butte in the 40th annual Butte to Butte race. In honor of the 4th of July some runners wore red, white, and blue.

Nabi and Kathleen Malekzedah were decked out from head to toe in patriotic clothing and have been running this race for years.

“This is at least 10 years with this one, at least ten,” said Nabi.

The couple runs just about every race in Eugene, but this one was special to them. “We also like to support our troops, our nephew got back from Afghanistan and we’re happy about that so we want to support our men and women in uniform on America in general. He came over from a different country and there’s nothing like liberty,” said Kathleen.

The two weren’t alone running the 10 kilometer race, around 4400 other runners joined them for this milestone run. “It all started back in 1973 with the Storm the Butte, it was a race to the top of Spencer Butte and back down and there were over 400 people in that 1973 event,” said James Houghton, Butte to Butte race organizer.

On top of the thousands of runners, all throughout Eugene spectators lined the street to cheer on the pack.

Event organizers said they planned for a hot morning, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. “It was perfect, great running conditions just to go down at least 10 degrees from what it had been, and we had prepared with additional water stations on the course,” said Houghton.

Throughout the race course volunteers, runners, and people cheering on those running showed their patriotism in their clothing.

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