Thousands Still Without Power

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EUGENE, Ore. — The snowstorm may have come and gone, but the cleanup continues.

Neighborhoods are still littered with tree branches, and thousands of people are still without power.

EWEB crews have been working nonstop since Friday, and they’re just one of several companies still working around the clock to get things back up and running.

As of Monday afternoon, EWEB still has 1,400 customers out. In Springfield, SUB has 400. EPUD is now at 1,800. Blachly-Lane has 1,000. Lane Electric has 600 customers without power. And Pacific Power has just over 2,200.

Ohio Street is one of many streets left with downed trees and lines. Residents have been in the dark since Saturday. Residents there say crews came out to check a downed line. And while they made sure it was dead, they left before restoring power.

“The thing that I’m kind of angry about is the fact that EWEB already had a truck out here. They already worked on the lines, but they just drove off and left us in the dark and cold,” said John Bowhan, a resident without power.

But several companies KEZI 9 News spoke with say they are using a triage system where they deal with the worst outages first.

First, they fix the main transmission lines, then the ones that go into the neighborhoods, and then into the homes.

Safety is also a huge priority for these crews. While, they’re working as quickly as they can, they’re also dealing with high voltages at high heights in less-than-ideal conditions.

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