Threats Close Schools near Portland

UPDATE: Battle Ground Police Department interviewed of a 13-year-old male student from Chief Umtuch. Following the interview, police arrested the teenager for making the threats. ┬áThe suspect’s computer has been seized for further examination.

Officers say the suspect didn’t possess the means to carry out any of the threats. They say there’s no evidence other suspects were involved. The suspect was later released to the custody of his parents.

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. — Five Washington schools were closed Wednesday following threats to students and staff.

Police say five schools in the Battle Ground School District were closed Wednesday following credible threats. District officials say the decision was made in the middle of the night when written threats to Chief Umtuch Middle School were credible enough to warrant a hazard.

Police patrolled the streets near the middle school and nearby Captain Strong Primary School.

Officials are not releasing details of how the threats were made saying it could jeopardize the investigation.

A recorded message was delivered to every home in the school district telling them of the closures.

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