Three Arrested In Springfield Attack

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police tried to detain three suspects at an apartment Saturday morning after neighbors say they attacked a man.

“The kick in team or entry team, they all went in about 12 or 15 of them. They went inside and were in there for probably at least an hour and a half to two and a half hours at least,” said a neighbor.

Police say Craig Ellis, Tyler Tholl, and a 17 year old juvenile retreated into an apartment; they asked the suspects to leave the apartment, but they refused.

“We hear Springfield Police come over to the monitors saying, ‘Anybody in the apartment needs to evacuate especially apartment number ten,'” said a neighbor.

When police finally broke into the apartment, they recovered a gun and a knife. Police believed both were used to attack the victim.

“We still need to talk to some of the witnesses. We have some of the information on that, we haven’t been able to find yet or to contact yet,” said Sgt. Richard Jones, Springfield Police Department.

Springfield Police say residents in the area don’t have to worry about their safety.

“This was isolated and there’s not really any danger to the community right now. I think we know who the major players that were involved on both sides of the situation and it’ll be resolved by the arrests that were made,” said Sgt. Jones.

Anyone with more information should contact the Springfield Police at (541) 726-3714.

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