Three Horses Seized in Dexter

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DEXTER, Ore. — Animal control workers say three horses are getting the care they need after they were seized from a property in Dexter.

They say the horses may have suffered years of starvation.

A Eugene horse rescue owner describes one of the horses as skin and bones. That’s how malnourished the animals are.

Lane County Animal Control officers brought Annie, Sunny and Cinnamon to Emerald Valley Equine Assistance. Their owner, Roberta Edwards, has been charged with six counts of animal abuse.

Rescue workers say not only are the animals in a state of starvation and dehydration, they also have liver and kidney issues and are infested with lice.

“It’s very sad to see these animals in this situation when it doesn’t have to be,” said Sandy of Emerald Valley Equine Assistance.

“With only one animal control officer, we need that public support so that we can address these issues and help animals,” said Mike Russell, Lane County Animal Control.

Lane County Animal Control received the complaint through an anonymous tip.

Now the case heads to court where a judge will decide if Edwards will get one of the three horses back.

The woman already signed over her rights to two of the horses.

If found guilty of animal abuse, a judge could fine her and/or not let her own animals again in Lane County.

For information on how you can donate to the vet bill, click here.

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