Three More Dumpsters Set on Fire

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EUGENE, Ore. — For the second time this week, police and fire crews were called to the scene of yet another dumpster fire overnight.

Just before 1:30 a.m. Friday, a witness called 9-1-1 reporting a fire coming out of a dumpster along Ferry Alley near 18th Avenue. When crews got there, they had to put out not one or two fires, but three. They doused the dumpsters in water, putting the flames out quickly.

Few signs remain of the overnight mess, but the witness who made the call called the scene scary.

“I saw a bunch of flames coming up and it surprised me. And I noticed that this dumpster was on fire and it started catching on the outside and because the flames started reaching so high towards the roof of the building, I decided to call it in because it seemed pretty dangerous,” said witness Addison McMillan.

Those living in the area say they’re not sure why someone would do something like this, and they hope that the police will be able to catch them before more damage is caused or someone gets hurt.

Investigators don’t know yet if the fires are in any way related to the ones from earlier this week, but should you have any information on either one, you’re asked to contact the Eugene Police Department.

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