Thrift Store Challenges Local Designers

3-10 st vinniesEUGENE, Ore. — Some local designers are gearing up for a fashion show, but they won’t be stitching together new designs. ¬†They’ll convert used clothing from St. Vincent De Paul into the latest runway fashions.

It’s all part of the first ever Metamorphose Challenge. Designers shopped the racks of clothing at St. Vincent De Paul Monday for the clothing they’ll use. Each designer could only spend up to $40 on the clothing.¬†

“You know a lot of creativity comes out of having constraints. It’s kind of both showing how designers can work with reused or recycled or upcycling is what it’s called and what they can do within these constraints,” said Mitra Chester, challenge organizer.

Models will walk the runway in these outfits on May 4th at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.


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