Thurston Cheer to Nationals

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Thurston High Co-ed Cheer Team is heading to Anaheim for nationals, after taking the state title in their division this weekend.

The routine they won with on Saturday in the co-ed division is the same routine they will tweak and take to nationals in March.

“Sometimes a class comes through and you just know there’s something special about them, so when this class came through in the fall of 2009, we just knew that they were really special, so we’ve just been building for this moment,” said James Underwood, Thurston Co-Head Coach.

“We’ve worked especially hard this year, and I just think for us seniors who have been trying and trying, it was really, really nice to finally get it,” said Hayley Adair, Thurston Cheer Seniors.

The team has to raise $850 per team member to be able to afford the trip to nationals.

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