Tickets Still Left for Duck Game

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EUGENE, Ore. — There are still 1,500 tickets left for the Ducks season opener against Arkansas State, which fans agree is pretty surprising.

The Ducks have sold out the last 82 straight games at Autzen Stadium, but that streak could end Saturday.

Fans say they don’t know if it’s the no-name opponent, the fact that it’s Labor Day weekend, or the higher prices, but people don’t seem to be too worried about making it to Autzen this Saturday.

There is still hope for a sellout though. The athletic department did release a Groupon, and players have been tweeting, asking fans to buy out the rest of the stadium, so efforts are still in the works to continue the streak. But to even have this conversation on the Ducks home opener coming off a Rose Bowl win, fans say it’s pretty bizarre, but they all have their theories about why.

They don’t have to sell every single seat for it to be a sellout. The athletic department says as long as there are no pairs left, and only single tickets are available, the game will be considered a sellout.

Other than the Groupon, the athletic department says it has no plans to lower prices or other shortcuts to try and sell tickets. If they don’t sell, the streak will end.

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  1. DJ says:

    I am a huge Duck fan and we already have tickets. But I think rather than waste the money on groupon the Ducks ought to list the tickets at half price on craigslist or FB for the local fans that would like to support their team, such as low income families, young players that may be future Ducks from local high schools, pop Warner. Even just die hard fans that haven’t been able to handle the price increase! Be good to the fans and they will be good to you!! GO DUCKS!!

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