Jury Finds Schley Guilty Of Sexual Abuse

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EUGENE, Ore. —  A twelve person jury found former Willamette High School athletic trainer Timothy Schley guilty on three counts of sexual abuse in the second degree.

Schley is charged with sexual abuse for having oral sex with a student athlete from Willamette High School who he allegedly had a relationship with for three months.

The jury deliberated on three different charges, one for having oral sex with the minor, another for kissing at Willamette High School, and another for kissing inside Schley’s home. The prosecution says sexual abuse could be anything from inappropriately touching the minor, to passionately kissing her if it aroused one of the parties involved.

Schley faced the sexual abuse charges in the second degree, because the prosecution argued Schley’s job description makes him an athletic coach. Under Oregon law, a person who was someones athletic coach at any time before the sexual contact occurred and is over 21 years old could be charged with sexual assault in the second degree.

During closing arguments the defense argued Schley is not an athletic coach, so the charges should be downgraded to sexual abuse in the third degree.

But prosecutor Eric Hassleman says Schley is a coach who used his job as an athletic trainer to get close to a student and take advantage of that role.

Thursday afternoon, forensic scientists with Oregon State Police testified about their DNA tests on a set of sheets from Schley’s bed.

They say there is DNA evidence that Schley and the teen were both in his bed.

The prosecution said the scientific evidence proves Schley and the teen had oral sex.

But, the defense says the cells could have come from anywhere, so there’s no way to prove they had oral sex.

Schley will be sentenced at the Lane County Court on Wednesday July 2, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.

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