Tiny Shrimp, Big Business

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NEWPORT, Ore. — Shrimp fishing is booming in Oregon. It’s good news on this National Shrimp Day.

The tiny shellfish has come a long way in Oregon. Since shrimp fishing began in the 1950s, it’s grown into a multi-million dollar business. Last year, fishermen caught 49 million pounds of shrimp, worth about $24 million. And it looks like they’re going to have another great year.

“Last few years we had record catches and this year from the conditions we’re seeing out there now, we’re just in a real healthy state,” said fisherman Mike Retherford.

Oregon’s pink shrimp fishery has become the number two fishery, second only to our state crustacean, the dungeness crab. It’s providing plenty of jobs in Newport. Also, it’s the first fishery in Oregon to be certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

“The way we’re handling the product and the way we’re catching the product, we’re eliminating bycatch. Basically making our fishery more environmentally friendly,” said Retherford.

Shrimp has been rated the most popular seafood in the country for the past decade.

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  1. quasimodo says:

    unfortunately the more shrimp they take the less food there is for our struggeling salmon runs. ODFW needs to put a tighter limit on the taking of feed spieces such as shrimp. anchovies , herring, smelt, if they ever truely want our wild salmon populations to rebound. every 5 yr old farm kid knows if you have 10 chickens but only have the food for 5 chickens 5 of them are gonna die.
    over education with failed science and lack of common sense is ruining our salmon runs!

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