Tire Slashing Victim Receives Help

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EUGENE, Ore. — After watching our story Wednesday about a tire slashing spree that left a single mom without wheels, and asking for a miracle, a local husband and wife have answered her prayers.

The couple who wanted to remain nameless hugged Diana Barton — and said they’ve been in tough situations before and wanted to return the favor.

Friday they paid for Barton’s two tires that were slashed — and had Les Schwab put on a new pair.

Barton says she’s stunned and grateful for the selfess and generous act.

“It actually made me cry to think that there are people out there that do care — that they see someone in need and they actually have good hearts. You know and they want to help,” said new tire recipient, Diana Barton.

The tire slashing happened Tuesday — around 10 cars were victims in the spree.

Eugene Police have cited and released a 12 year-old in connection with the tire slashing and they say they expect to make more arrests.

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