Tire Slashing Victims Speak Out

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EUGENE, Ore. — Victims of a tire slashing spree in North Eugene are speaking out.

“I looked at my car and I’m like it’s sitting funny well I have a flat tire. I looked at the back tire, and then I looked — what is going on,” said victim, Diana Barton.

Diana Barton was shocked when she came out to her car Tuesday morning and found two of her tires flattened.

“I was angry, very angry,” said Barton.

A disabled mom — Barton says she can’t afford to pay for new tires and so she says her car will sit here by the curb, stationary until she can find help.

“This is low-income housing. Not everybody has money here. It’s sad. It’s really sad,” said Barton.

Barton isn’t alone — she’s one of roughly 10 cars who were victims of the slashing spree on the 1800 block of Brewer Avenue.

Police are in the process of tracking down who might’ve committed the crimes.

“Rumor is it’s three local kids here.”

Terrie Monson is another victim.

“If it was kids, you know I know kids can do malicious, stupid things and not realize the consequences of it,” said Monson.

While Monson was able to put on a spare tire she says will eventually have to buy a new one — which isn’t cheap.

A price Diana Barton can’t pay — and an act that’s left her stunned.

“I don’t understand it, I really don’t. I mean seriously why slash the tires on so many vehicles,” said Barton.

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