Top States for Your Golden Years

(CNN) — What’s the best state for retirement living?

Bet you didn’t think of Tennessee or Louisiana. But it turns out those two topped Bankrate’s latest report on the 10 most retiree-friendly states in the country.

And here’s a surprise–the snowbird capital, Florida, didn’t even crack the top five.

The survey, which took factors like cost of living, access to health care and weather into account, ranked Tennessee as the number one state. That’s thanks to its warm climate and the second lowest cost of living in the nation.

The runner-up was Louisiana with its balmy average temperature of 66.7 degrees. Combined with the fourth lowest tax rate in the country, and good access to medical care, it makes it easy to see why retirees would enjoy the Bayou State.

There’s just one caveat. Louisiana has one of the nation’s highest crime rates.

Next up was probably one of the most unlikely states on the list: South Dakota. It holds the lowest crime rate as well as a lower tax burden than every other state, except Alaska. But with an average temperature of 46 degrees, the weather is certainly not its selling point.

Number four is another Appalachian state–Kentucky. The Bluegrass State has the fifth lowest cost of living in the nation and its cities provide many recreational options for retirees to keep busy.

Rounding out the top five is another unlikely candidate–Mississippi. The Magnolia State’s climate and low state and local taxes put it on the list. The biggest drawback is access to medical care, which can be subpar with only 100 doctors for every 178,000 people.

So what about retiree favorite Florida? Between the high cost of living and crime rate, the Sunshine State came in 19th.

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