Town Celebrates Life of Julius Schmidt

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Junction City celebrated the life of 14-year-old Julius Schmidt Saturday.

All of Julius’ family and friends showed up at Laurel Park to honor his memory. The young boy was killed in a train accident just two weeks ago.

Family members took turns talking about him, sharing memories of his adventurous spirit and love for Bob Marley and skateboarding. They said it wasn’t about mourning the loss, but remembering who Julius was.

“Losing a son and a brother is a very hard thing in our family. It’s the first real major loss we’ve had,” said Roman Schmidt, Julius’ brother.

“But the outpouring of the people in the community has really been outstanding and that has really helped support his mom and his brother through all of this,” said Erik Hendrickson, Julius’ great uncle.

A skate park is currently being built at Laurel Park and family members said there are talks about getting it named after Julius.

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