Town Fires Up for Fiesta Bowl

EUGENE, Ore. — The Ducks haven’t taken the field in six weeks, so the fans were understandably anxious.

It seems like distance makes the heart grow fonder. Fans have a lot of pent up energy after six weeks without their Duck football. They’ve come out of hibernation from all over town, making it feel like fall one last time.

“It’s been such a long time off since the Ducks have played. I think people are really excited, especially since it’s finally the day of,” said Phil Barry, The Cooler.

You could tell in town, with businesses bearing their green and yellow, like it was fall again, just 20 degrees cooler.

“Almost everywhere you look somebody’s got some kind of Duck gear on,” said Duck fan Art.

“Everybody’s getting in the mood. I think if you walk into any bank in town, and business, employees are wearing green and yellow and it really makes the whole city kind of festive,” Barry said.

“In a college town, the people represent the college. The college represents the people. It goes hand in hand, and we get to celebrate that as a community,” Art said.

It’s not a new feeling, just amplified, in preparation for yet another big-name-game Duck fans hope to add to the win column.

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