Town Hall on Health Care Reform

EUGENE, Ore. — With major health care changes just around the corner, Oregon lawmakers gathered for a town hall Wednesday night in Eugene to make sure the public understands their options.

About 70 people showed up to the University of Oregon Law School to ask questions and learn more about the Affordable Care Act.

Millions of Americans will soon be able to shop for coverage through insurance exchanges. Those who are uninsured have to sign on, or face a penalty. The health care exchange in Oregon is called Cover Oregon, and open enrollment begins October 1st.

For many, the changes are a bit confusing, so Senator Lee Beyer, Representative Phil Barnhart and other legislators held the forum to answer questions about how to access health care benefits.

Representative John Lively of Springfield says the Cover Oregon will offer people more choices.

“[Cover Oregon] provides a lot more options to people. And the key part about that it not just options, but comparisons,” says Lively. “So whatever primes are available, they can see what they are and what they cost and that they get the right kind of coverage for it.”

“I am much more confident about the health insurance exchange after coming to the presentation tonight,” says Chris Wig, a Eugene Resident who attended the meeting. “I am much more aware of some of the public health circumstances in our community.”

Though open enrollment doesn’t start until October, about 260,000 Oregonians will get a fast-track enrollment form in the mail starting this week. Those who get packets have already qualified for OHP, and don’t need to apply through Cover Oregon.

Eligibility is based on income level. Officials say Cover Oregon’s website has a number of tools to help people compare options and make the right choice for their personal health.


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  1. Dave Clark says:

    If it’s such a swell idea then why is Congress, their staffers and the WH exempt from it? If it’s not good enough for all it’s no good at ALL!

  2. Michael Adams says:

    Sounds good to me. I have been going without healthcare since July 2009. This will be a great opportunity for me to get the healthcare insurance I need.

  3. bohannan says:

    It is good but you should not be made to do this, we are living in the home of the free,it will help people but what about the homeless if people could afford it they would have it, its very wrong to force another will upon another, make it like its going to be but dont force it ,you wouldnt like some of my ideas about fairness forced upon you.,1 more loss of freedoms in the name of ?.

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