Toys for Tots: A Lesson in Giving

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EUGENE, Ore. — On the first of three Toys for Tots Tuesdays, KEZI 9 News partnered with the U.S. Marine Corps and Bi-Mart to collect as many donations as we could for local kids in need.

For one group of local children, it was lesson in giving.

Taking a group of kids down a toy aisle is challenge enough. Taking them down the toy aisle and not letting them keep one–you’d think that would really be a challenge. But not for one group.

“The children wanted to learn a little bit about giving instead of getting,” said Mona Ayers, MJ Daycare owner.

So they know the toys they’re painstakingly picking won’t go home with them.

“We’re giving new people some toys because they don’t have some,” said Bella.

It’s a lesson in giving that’s instilled in these local children and still remembered when they’re all grown up. We had hundreds of people stop by to drop off a toy or two and share a word or two.

“They thank us. Thank us for, for what we’re doing. They’re eager to help,” said Thadd.

They did help, giving a Christmas to kids who might not have one.

“Our members, they just come out and respond so well. It just really, really speaks well of them,” said don Leber, Bi-Mart Marketing Director.

“It’s been phenomenal,” Thadd said.

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