Toys for Tots Donations Pour In

EUGENE, Ore. — We’ve seen a huge response to our second Toys for Tots Tuesday of the season.

Last week was a little slow. We only filled the Marines’ van twice.

This week there was a huge change. We stuffed it full twice before 2 p.m.

Bi-Mart members stopped by to empty their carts overflowing with toys into our bins. In a few cases, people pulled up just in front of our tent and emptied their cars.

Of course, not everyone can buy that many toys. But even one will make a difference to the child who gets it on Christmas morning.

“Please donate. These kids are thrilled when they get a gift they haven’t been getting. It’s just wonderful,” said donor Evelyn Fackler.

“It’s just a great program. My kids benefited from it when we were in hard times. Everybody has hard times, so if you can donate, it’s the best program to donate to,” said donor Angela Akins.

“It’s not going to hurt you. Do it. If you’re not getting anyone anything for Christmas, buy toys for kids,” said donors David and Shari Caffey.

You don’t have to bring a toy. You can also drop off cash or a check just like a lot of donors did Tuesday.

In fact, we saw more monetary donations than ever before in four years of doing these all-day drives.

Our next Toys for Tots Tuesday toy drive is Dec. 11.

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