Toys for Tots Mobile Tweetup

KEZI 9 News will host its first mobile Tweetup this year in an effort to boost donations to the station’s annual Toys for Tots campaign. KEZI 9 News’ Brandi Smith will be driving around to designated spots from the map below in Eugene and Springfield to pickup your donations for Toys for Tots. If you donated and want to share your experience, or if you simply want to chat with Brandi, you can use the hashtag #mobiletweetup. Since the concept of a mobile Tweetup is relatively new, here’s a breakdown of how it works.

What is a mobile Tweetup?

The concept is simple: Tweetups traditionally bring Twitter users together in a single spot (meetup + Twitter = Tweetup). During a mobile Tweetup, KEZI 9 News and Brandi Smith bring the Tweetup to you. Donation stations are set up in advance of the Tweetup to collect for Toys for Tots. On the day of the Tweetup, Brandi and a crew of Marines drive around to each predetermined location to pick up the donations. Along the way, they Tweet what they’re up to.

How can I participate?

Donate! Drop off your donation at one of the predetermined donation stations. Use the hashtag #mobiletweetup from your Twitter account to spread the word about mobile Tweetup.

When is the mobile Tweetup?

December 13, 2012
From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Brandi and several Marines will visit @KEZI9 Twitter followers to collect toys and donations for Toys for Tots.

Where will you stop during the mobile Tweetup?

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Please remember that traffic and other factors might affect the times that Brandi and the mobile Tweetup crew are at these locations.

Where will you be and when?

10:00 AM — Eugene Fire Station #10 — 2002 Bailey Hill Rd. Eugene, 97405
10:45 AM — Bi-Mart — 4780 Royal Eugene, 97402
11:30 AM — RV Corral — 1890 Hwy 99N Eugene, 97402 (@TheRVCorral)
12:15 AM — Eugene Fire Station #11 — 119 Santa Clara Ave. Eugene, 97404
1:00 PM — Hilton Eugene — 66 East 6th Ave. Eugene, 97401 (@HiltonEugene)
1:45 PM — Sanipac — 1650 Glenwood Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97403
2:30 PM — Springfield Fire Station #4 — 5th & M St., Springfield, 97477
3:15 PM — Bi-Mart — 5744 Main St. Springfield, 97477
4:00 PM — KEZI 9 News Studios — 2975 Chad Dr. Eugene, 97408 (@KEZI9)

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