Track Fans Say Goodbye to the Trials

EUGENE, Ore. — An Olympic event came to a close Sunday evening. Sunday was the tenth and final day of the trials, and the City of Eugene will soon be getting back to normal.

Closing ceremonies wrapped up the event around 5 p.m., and fans headed back to their homes all across the country with memories of a lifetime.

Records were broken, Olympians were made and everyone was looking forward to the next stage in London.

Spectators said it has been a memorable experience.

“It’s just been mind-blowing, absolutely…I’m looking forward to the Olympics,” said Alaskan visitor Ross MacDougall.

Californian Venus Jewett said, “It’s been an amazing experience. I’m honored to be a volunteer. It’s just been fantastic.”

Young fan Emma Ehlers said, “It’s been really fun.”

Eugenian Evonne Merrill said, “This is probably the best event I’ve seen in Eugene.”

Others we spoke with said the last day is bittersweet. Many locals said they’ll miss the energy but are comforted knowing the best is yet to come in just a few more weeks.

The 2012 Olympic Games begin in London on July 27.

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