Traffic Citation in Kaleb Oyervides Case

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police say that Kimberly Ames, the woman who hit Kaleb Oyervides in a crosswalk last September, has been cited with careless driving.

Because the crash caused serious physical injury to Kaleb, Police Sergeant Mike McCarthy says Ames will have to appear in municipal court in person.

Ames could face some community service or a higher fine.

The District Attorney’s office said there was no criminal negligence found.

Kaleb’s father Woody says he is happy to hear she could get more than the regular $400 fine.

He says he is glad she has to appear because he didn’t like the idea of her just paying the ticket online.

Kaleb spent more than a month in the hospital and used a back brace until last month.

Kaleb is easing back in to school and has not yet returned full time.

Click here to view a previous interview with Kaleb after his accident.

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  1. Kory says:

    Poor kid, this could go on to affect him for life.

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