Traffic Costs Commuters Time and Money

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EUGENE, Ore. — Commuters are losing money and spending more time on the road due to the heavy traffic. A study analyzing traffic data ranked Eugene in the top 100 American cities for bad traffic.

When it comes to freeway traffic, Eugene was ranked in the top 70 cities.

According to the study, the average commuter paid an extra $284 in gas because of traffic delays; for large trucks that is equal to an extra $14 million a year.

The traffic not only costs drivers money, but time. The average commuter loses 13 hours a year waiting in traffic.

Transportation planners say that the congestion is a result of the city’s growth.

“What we’re discovering as the city grows up and as our population gets bigger, is there’s more demand on the streets,” said Kurt Yeiter, Senior Transportation Planner.

Eugene Transportation and Planning says there’s no way to completely eliminate traffic but perhaps the best way to alleviate congestion is using alternative transportation.


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  1. Paul Skarin-Willey says:

    Great idea to move traffic faster at many intersections! use blinmking red lights for left hand turns. I don’t know how many times I had to sit and wait for green light to make left hand turn when there is not traffic in sight. What a waste of fuel and time.

  2. jb says:

    Anyone remember the last 6 cent per gallon tax hike on fuel in the Eugene area? Shortly afterwards came new changes to how you get on and off of coburg rd around Autzen. Mainly the no right turn on red. No cars are coming but you need to set there till the fxxking light turns green. Plus in order to regulate traffic on Beltline, that’s right not Randy fxxkin Pape’ way, the city installed stop lights at all entries to the highway. Anyone try figuring out how much extra a few more pennies per gallon makes for the city of eugene per year, Millions. News flash people, the city of eugene wants you to burn as much fuel as possible. Remember time is money.

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