Train Hits Truck, Passengers Not Hurt

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — A couple bailed out of their truck right before a train hit it and dragged it four blocks through Junction City.

If drivers try to cross the train tracks on that block in Junction City, they can either do it up at 10th or down at 6th, but Monday night a couple tried to do it at 9th, which had no marked railroad crossing.

The two crossings at each end of the block are pretty obvious, but police say the couple’s map told them there was another railroad crossing at 9th.

Google Maps shows a crossing at 9th and Elm, but the couple eventually discovered that wasn’t the case, but only after they high-centered their Chevy on the tracks. A neighbor across the tracks heard them yelling.

“I heard people talking, so I looked outside and saw lights on the tracks, and then I heard a girl screaming that her truck was stuck. At first I just ignored them because I thought they were just messing around, but then I heard the train horn and started freaking out,” said witness Erin Brinduse.

She says she watched as the couple tried to move the truck but eventually decided to leave the truck and save themselves. She says they were lucky that only their truck got dragged four blocks without them in it.

Police say even though the couple walked away unharmed, it’s a reminder to always look before you cross.

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