Trash Service Delayed Due to Snow, Ice

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EUGENE, Ore. — Trash is piling up outside a lot of homes and apartments in the Eugene area as a result of Friday’s storm.

On almost every block you’ll see overflowing trash. Both Sanipac and Lane Apex say Friday’s storm put pickups on halt, but they say they will make every effort to get to every home by next week.

“Our trash bin got filled up really quick and trash started filling up in the house. We had an idea to take it out to the car and even take it to our old apartments,” said Eugene resident Adam Yarbrough.

Many families this week in the Eugene area have taken out piles and piles of trash with no end in sight.

“We want to get out to service our customers. We’re really weighing the safety factor to the community and our employees versus getting the trash you know picked up. And it’s been challenging and a little bit bothersome that we can’t get out there to get it picked up,” said Scott Johnson, Sanipac District Manager.

Johnson says Sanipac had to stop all pickup services since Friday. Trash collectors are hoping to start back up Friday.

“We’ll be picking up Thursday’s on Saturday. Then moving forward it will probably be Monday on Monday, Tuesday on Tuesday, Wednesday on Wednesday. We’ll continue to keep working and trying to get caught up,” Johnson said.

For Lane Apex, the situation is a little different.

“By Tuesday we had pretty much gotten caught back up with all the folks from Friday and Monday that we had to put off. We stayed fairly well on schedule. I’m pretty proud of my guys,” said Sam Mill, Lane Apex Owner.

Both Lane Apex and Sanipac say they’re not charging customers extra for the delay. They’re just trying to hit every home that’s been missed.

“We usually just watch the neighbors to see what they do. And when their trash filled up, we just kind of put ours out thinking they would come by, but they haven’t shown up yet,” Yarbrough said.

Sanipac and Lane Apex say they haven’t been able to pick up in the south hills yet, and both companies hope to service


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  1. N Radmaker says:

    We have Royal Refuse and they have been right on schedule this week! They are evidently the KINGS of trash collection. And explain this: “Both Lane Apex and Sanipac say they’re not charging customers extra for the delay.” How in the world would customers be charged! More like they should get a refund. LOL

  2. Mary says:

    Ridiculous…and how nice not to charge us for NOT picking up our garbage, say what? Those big heavy trucks would have been fine going out since at least Tuesday. Trash keeps getting picked up on time in states where it snows all the time…looks like since Sanipac got bought by Californians…nuff said.

  3. N. B. says:

    Except for a few side streets, roads have been clear since a couple of days after the snow, UPS has had no trouble delivering packages, cars and trucks of all sizes have been getting around just fine. The excuses don’t add up, seems like Sanipac is basically just taking a paid holiday. They owe their customers a refund and an apology, and frankly after this display I’ll be calling the competition.

  4. Tom gettys says:

    We have been a customer for many years, and the service has been acceptable over all, so perhaps the one star is overly harsh. There has been the occasional missed pickup, sometimes redressed and sometimes not.

    The rub was that they suggested I must have not but out thee bins on time, when in fact they were out the night before revealed their true attitude.

    However, the most recent disrespect was one too many. Sure, it is easy to understand that the snow made trouble for everyone, but once it cleared it is time to resume business.

    We were told to leave the bins out and they will pick them up when they can get around to it. So again, we are having to walk trash up to the bins each day, hoping that today they will come.

    But no, once again they have blown us off. After years of prompt remittance of our bill, we have had enough. They charge us the same whether they come or not. LaneApex came yesterday and picked up our neighbors bins while ours just sit.

    I have canceled sanipac and signed with the other guys, saving money to boot.

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