Travel Agencies Ready for Duck Bowl

EUGENE, Ore. — Duck fans, don’t take your resort wear and tanning oil off your holiday wish list just yet.

No one can say the BCS Championship–or any bowl game–is out of the question at this point. But local travel agencies say clients are planning more cautiously after Saturday’s loss to Stanford.

As of right now Miami might seem a little less likely, but this past weekend’s match-ups are a perfect example that nothing is certain until bowl bids are out.

Portland-based Azumano Travel says agents haven’t booked trips yet. Instead, they’re asking fans to register their interest. This week has shown a slower registry than last week, but agents hope not for long.

Even if Miami isn’t as sure a bet as it was a week ago, there are a handful of other warm weather bowl possibilities for Duck fans. Unfortunately, all fans can do now though is wait and cheer on the Trojans for the first time in a long time.

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